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In an attempt to do so, Karvy has partnered with ‘Pair Trade Analyser’ to help you make more profits with pair trading.

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What is Pair Trading?

  • Pair trading is a popular market neutral strategy
  • Independent of the market movement; trade can be performed without taking a view of the overall direction of the market
  • It is trading of pairs of stocks with correlated prices, which matches a long position with a short position
  • It enables users to make low-risk profit by analysing the trading patterns of two similar shares
  • Often the pairs of stocks are of companies from the same sector


  • Pair trading is tension free trading, independent of the market
  • Decisions are based purely on prices of selected shares
  • Beneficial for F&O traders wishing to make regular returns from stock market
  • Reliable hedging tool for portfolios of investors of the stock market
  • Options to avail extra returns of investments with exposure to Futures

Who is Pair Trade Analyser?

Pair Trade Analyser is India’s first desktop software for pair trading, which:

  • Analyses more than 30,000 pairs of future trading stocks in India
  • Stock Future Data for all stocks traded in NSE
  • Stock Future Data of 10 years for easy comparison and BackTest
  • Real Time Data with updates on pair performance
  • EOD Buy/Sell signals
  • Customisable favourite list of stocks
  • Options to set rules for generating interest specific signals


  • Set own parameters
  • Customised list of favourite stocks
  • Scans for suitable pairs
  • Analyse from the list
  • Perform BackTest for more confirmation
  • Perform Virtual Trade or enters into real trades

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